Contractors Philosophy

The IBEW is now, and always has been, a trendsetter in improving employee-employer relationships. By establishing the Council on Industrial Relations (CIR) in 1919, which allows for a balanced discussion between labor and management, the IBEW has been able to settle thousands of disputes without striking, earning them the title of being a “strikeless industry.”

We, the Jacksonville Electricians of IBEW 177 continue this tradition. We always attempt to live by and foster productive, co-operative business relationships that benefit our members, our affiliated contractors, and, above all, our Jacksonville customers: the owners, developers, and facility managers who rely upon our highly-trained members and our Code of Excellence.

This is a model that many other unions are still trying to perfect today. 

Today the IBEW stands strong at about 750,000 members, ready to serve as needed while protecting the rights and dignity of its members.

Jacksonville, FL electrical contractors interested in our organization and leveraging our trained workforce to achieve superior energy savings and business results are encouraged to register on the site and browse the contractor's section of this site.

As always, please contact us, any time, with any questions or concerns.

Alan Jones, Business Manager

IBEW 177